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Warm enough for ya?

Well, the weather's heating up, and you know what that means:  school's coming to an end, BOOM! is gonna have some choices to make in Sudden Valley, and Camp BOOM is a-coming!  First off, let's get the homework up for April (Responsibility) and May (Focus).  Sorry the April stuff is a bit late getting up here, but you know how it goes...

Don't forget that THIS Friday, May 16th is the Jr Ski 2 Sea Parade!  The parade starts at 6:00, but Mr Moench will be there a little after 4:00 to line up early, so look for BOOM! there!  If you wanna be in the parade with BOOM! wear your uniform and belt (and shoes!) and karate your way through downtown Bellingham!

The next day (Saturday the 17th) will be Parent's Night Out:  Spaceship Wars!  Parents can drop off their kids at BOOM! from 6:30-11:00 for a night of epic space battles!  Just $30 for one BOOM student and their friend includes pizza and a movie!

Regular class for BOOM! is on for Memorial Day (Monday, May 26th) in Sudden Valley - see you there!  Speaking of Sudden Valley...

As of now, BOOM! will no longer be allowed to conduct classes in Sudden Valley in the Dance Barn, Adult Center, or any other place operated by the Sudden Valley Community Association.  We're currently trying to find some space to hold classes for families in Sudden Valley (but if you're familiar with the Valley, you know it's slim pickings...), and this is what we've got so far:

Waldorf  Hills School Auditorium (on Austin St, on the way to S.V., past the Geneva Firehouse)

The Firs (just past Geneva Elementary School)

Geneva Elementary School Gymnasium - this may only be a possibility during the school year

Lakewood (owned by WWU, about 1/2 mile before Gate 3 on Lake Whatcom Blvd)

Right now, it *might* work to rent Lakewood during the summer, and then use the Geneva gym during the school year.  I know this is a  bummer for the families in Glenhaven, but nothing's finalized yet.  However, nothing located in Sudden Valley has panned out...

Also, there's only a few more Summer Camp spots available!  Camp this year is July 21st through August 1st, and will be held at the Bellingham BOOM!  Camp is just $299 for both weeks, and any campers who complete both weeks will be eligible to test for a new belt at the end of the 2nd week (some exceptions apply) - trust me - you'll earn it!!  

I think that about wraps it up; if you've got any ideas about spaces in Sudden Valley for classes, please don't hesitate to talk to Mr Moench!  Thank you, and enjoy the sun (cuz you know it won't last...)


Mr Moench

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