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Spring is Spring-ing!

Well, March is coming to a close, and, as always, there's a lot of exciting stuff happening here at BOOM!

First off, belt testing and graduation is coming up on Saturday, March 29th.  Li'l Dragons will belt test in class this week, and everyone who passes will get their belts at the Li'l Dragons graduation on Saturday, March 29th @ 3:00 at the Bellingham BOOM!

Yellow thru Advanced Purple Belts will test @ 4:00

Beginning Blue through Advanced Green @ 5:30

Beginning Brown and Above:  7:00

Good luck to everyone on belt testing!

The week after belt testing is Spring Break for Bellingham Schools!  It's also Buddy Week at BOOM! March 31st-April 5th all BOOM! students can bring their friends to class to experience some BOOMtastic awesome-ness for themselves!  It's gonna be a great week of karate games:  War Ball, Karate Ball, Knights v. Gladiators, and much, much more!!  Don't miss out (and, more importantly, don't let your friends miss out)!

Summer Camp dates are out:  July 21st thru August 1st Camp BOOM! will be back on!  Still not sure if it's gonna be in Sudden Valley or in Bellingham, but will definitely let you know as soon as possible!  Don't forget:  anyone who attends/survives (!?) both weeks of summer camp will be able to test for their next belt on that Friday, August 1st!

Finally, here's the Honesty homework from March; make sure you hand it in before the belt test!  Good luck, everyone!


Mr Moench

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