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Hey, BOOM!  just started posting all the homeworks on the website.  For this quarter, that includes the homework for MODESTY, ASSERTIVENESS, and HEALTH & HYGIENE.  Click the links below to download them as a .pdf file; so it should work with whatever!  

Li'l Dragons Homeworks:

Kids Homeworks:

Teens Homeworks:

Don't forget:  belt testing is coming up next week (in class for Li'l Dragons, on Saturday, March 30th for Kids and Teens)!  Train hard, and if you have any questions, please come to an extra class, or have your folks call BOOM! and set up a time for a one-on-one class with Mr Moench!  

Also, don't miss our Tiny Tigers and adult Combat Fitness classes, starting April 8th!

Other stuff:  Buddy Week is the week of April 8th, Spring Break camp Spar Wars is on officially the 1st-5th of April, and don't forget our GRAND OPENING for our new location, Saturday, April 13th from 11am-3pm!  Whew-eee!

Mr Moench

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