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Friday Classes

Hey Guys!  Get your equipment soon!  We want to start that Friday Freestyle Class at 6.30pm in May, but you gotta have your sparring gear in order to come to the class!  Remember, there is NO CHARGE for this class!  It's an opportunity to come in and work on your sparring drills and grappling drills in a freestyle situation.  The class is a ton of fun, safe, AND IT WILL MAKE YOU A MUCH BETTER MARTIAL ARTIST.  I really can't stress that enough.  

So, please, get your gear ASAP.  Go the the BOOMShop, click on bundles, go nuts.  Got gear from somewhere else?  Just check with an instructor to make sure it's gonna work out!

Other Friday classes

Mr. Moench is teaching an adult combat fitness class Fridays at 5.30 and Mondays at 6.30 (pm for both) in the multi-purpose room, next to the health club!  This is NOT a cardio kickboxing class!  This class will work you through MMA drills, ground & pound exercises, Thai Boxing, Escrima, as well as resistance and plyometrics training!  Grab the bucket, folks.  You're gonna need it!

XMA in the Valley!  Mr. Rice is going to be teaching a performance martial arts class Fridays at 6:00!  See an instructor for more information, or stay tuned...!

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