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Fall's A-Comin

As the sunshine fades and the rain returns, cheer up!  There's some great stuff in store at BOOM! during the rainy months ahead!

First off, BELT TESTING IS THIS WEEK!  Li'l Dragons will test in-class during the week, while the Kids and Teens will use the week to prepare for the test on Saturday the 28th!  Don't forget to hand in your Intent to Test (along with the belt fee) if you haven't already!  In case you don't already have it, here is the schedule for belt testing on Saturday:

Li'l Dragons Graduation Ceremony:  3:00

Testing for Yellow Belt thru Adv Orange Belt:  4:00

Testing for Beg. Purple Belt thru Adv. Blue Belt:  5:30

Testing for Beg. Green Belt and Above:  7:00

Again, your testing time is by the belt you are testing for, NOT THE BELT YOU CURRENTLY HAVE.  If you have any questions, please let Mr Moench know.

The week after Belt Testing will be a very special BullyProof Buddy Week!  This week, classes are open to the community, so bring your friends, and don't miss out on what will surely be a spectacular week of very special martial arts training; September 30th (Monday) thru October 5th (Saturday).

Speaking of Saturdays; BOOM! will be open for at least the next two Saturdays in a row (the 28th and the 5th) before Mr Moench heads back down to Port Orchard to train with Mr Graves again!

Finally, here's the BULLYPROOF Homework for those of you who haven't handed it in yet!  Don't forget:  ALL your homework MUST be handed in before you can test for your belt!

Thank you, and good luck on your test, everyone!


Mr Moench

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