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Camp BOOM!

Hey everybody!  This summer, BOOM! is going to be hosting it's first ever summer camp event!  July 18-29, Camp BOOM! will be achieving liftoff! (sorry, that's a bad pun)  

Oh, the days, they will be packed with awesome!  In the morning, campers will have martial arts lessons-mostly-indoors.  The campers will practice everything form Xtreme Martial Arts, to kenpo, jiujitsu, and kickboxing!  In the afternoon (following lunch!), training will be held outdoors (weather permitting, always) in the sunshine (if it's around...)

In addition to martial arts training, the kids'll have a blast with the games and activities involved, as they spend an intense two weeks becoming phenomenal martial artists!  Not only will their physical martial arts technique improve; but spending all that time showing the focus, the self-discipline, and the perseverance necessary to train martial arts will really show everywhere they go! 

The two week camp is going to consist of more hours of on-the-mat martial arts training than the students would normally receive in three months of twice-weekly classes (that's a pretty complicated way to say that...); because of that, any student who attends the entire two-week camp will be able to test for their next belt on the last Friday of camp, July 29th! 

That's a lot of details, but here's what everyone really wants to know: 

2 weeks of Camp BOOM! is just $249

1 week of Camp BOOM! is just $149

All campers will need to wear the official Camp BOOM! t-shirt to camp everyday - it makes it easier to keep the students together outside.  When you enroll, every camper will receive one free t-shirt; additional shirts are available for just $12!

Call BOOM! at (360) 303-3334 if you have any qeustions or to enroll today!

Mr Moench

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