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Bellingham G.O. & Belt Testing

It's about that time again!  Belt testing will be held on Friday, September 28th @ 5:30 for KIDS AND TEENS ONLY!! LI'l Dragons will belt test IN CLASS the week of September 24th, then attend the graduation ceremony, which will begin as soon as the Kids and Teens testing ends on Friday (which should be around 7:00pm or so).  

The Notice of Intent to Test will be handed out in class the first week of September.  They are due back to BOOM! by Friday, September 21st.  These forms need to be filled out by your parents AND teachers (hey, first impressions are important!) and turned in to Mr Moench with the $10 belt fee by the due date...

Classes at the Bellingham location are now up and going!  Students may attend classes at either location, and I want to give a sincere thanks to all of you guys who came out to check out and support the new location yesterday!  

Last up, the official Grand Opening for the Bellingham location will be Saturday, October 6th @ 11am, so BOOM! will be closed for regular classes that day.  During the day, we will be holding seminars and classes for the community.  Current students are more than welcome to attend, stop by and train their own stuff, open-mat style, bring their friends, whatever!!

Between now and the Grand Opening, BOOM! will be running some pre-Grand Opening specials for all new students at BOTH LOCATIONS during the month of September, so now's the perfect time for your friends to come check us out and feel the BOOM!

Mr Moench

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