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Bellingham BOOM

Well, now it's official!! Got the place, wrote the checks, got the keys, and the mats and gear (and mirrors!) are on their way!  Bellingham, here comes the BOOM!  Check out the schedule for the class times.  To all current BOOM! students in Sudden Valley:  yes, the schedule will change.  And, no, nobody likes that.  If I could only clone myself...the thought is...terrifying. 

Classes for the Bellingham location will start up on Tuesday, September 4th.  I know, it's not that far off....  Our official grand opening for the Bellingham location won't be until early October, so get in on the pre-Grand Opening Specials NOW!!  

So, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, classes will meet in Sudden Valley, in the Adult Center.  Please note the addition of regular Friday classes, in addition to the schedule change on Wednesday.  Monday classes will stay the same.  All Friday classes will meet in the Adult Center, as indicated on the schedule.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, it's Bellingham's turn.  

The schedule will still operate on the A-day, B-day structure, with Monday & Tuesday being A days, Wednesday and Thursday are B days.  Fridays and Saturdays can be used for either A days or B days, depending on what you need to work on/make up. The curriculum will remain the same (more or less...), as will the requirements for each belt level.

Now, here's something we hope you'll all enjoy:  any student can train at either school at any time.  Valley-ites (?), that means that if you find yourself in town on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday, feel free to drop in for class!  'Hamsters, feeling adventurous?  Wanna make that drive down Lake Whatcom to Sudden Valley  (It's really only 6 miles from town) on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday?  Come on in to BOOM! in Sudden Valley's Adult Center for those classes!  Questions?  Please call Mr Moench (360) 303-3334 anytime!!  

See you at BOOM! 

Mr Moench

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