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August stuff

Hey everyone, August is gonna be a blast!  Glad summer is finally here! 

Come down to Bloedel-Donovan Park in Bellingham on Saturday, August 6th from 11-3 for KidsFest!  KidsFest is an annual event put on by Parks 'n' Rec of Bellingham!  It's full of games and activities for kids, food, and a whole bunch of fun!  Stop by and say hi to us at the BOOMBooth!

Freestyle classes this month on Saturdays now!  The 13th and the 27th!  Freestyle classes are 11:30am-12:30pm in the Adult Center!  These classes are included in your membership, but you do need your sparring gear!  Join us for this great class, and really take your training up a notch!  BOOM!

Parent's Night Out this month is Friday the 12th, from 6:30-11pm in the Dance Barn!  The theme for this month's Parent's Night Out is "take me out to the ballgame"!  We'll be playing all different kinds of ball games!  Kickball, Warball, Indoor baseball, Karate ball, and much, much more!  Just 30 bucks for one BOOM! student and their friend!  Includes food and a movie!  Don't miss out on all the fun!

Saturday, August 20th is our first ever BOOM! Adult Self-Defense Seminar!  Come learn some great, easily applied, and easy-to-remember self-defense moves!  The seminar starts at 11:30 in the Adult Center, and lasts until about 1:00 or so!  Tell all your friends!

BOOM! is going to be doing a back-to-school safety seminar in early September!  Stay tuned for date and time!  (I know it said September 10th in the newsletter, but that's not gonna work out...)

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