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April Stuff

Alright, everybody!  First day of BOOM!  Thanks to everyone who was there!  Sorry we forgot to give you your t-shirts, but you'll get 'em next time (just don't let me forget...).  I've included links to the homework for the month of April (the theme for the month is HONESTY), as well as the training guide, which includes all the techniques for the month, as well as tips on how to do 'em right.  Also included is the April newsletter, with all announcements and general events for the month.

Also, got the bundles in the store a little bit more filled out.  There's a bundle for each different category of equipment (one for sparring gear, nunchux, escrima, etc).  Be sure not to buy the whole bundle!  The bundles are merely there to let you know which gear will work from class.  Again, if you want to buy your gear from someplace else, please check with an instructor to insure it'll work for class.

Last, we're really excited about BOOM! and truly teaching all of the benefits of martial arts to families in Sudden Valley and Glenhaven, but we need some help.  If your friends have children who would benefit from martial arts training (and, in my humble opinion, we all could...), please let them know about us.  I'll even go straight to bribery.  If you refer a friend, and they join, you get a $10 gift certificate from any business in Sudden Valley.  Your choice.  Please help us keep this great thing going.  We intend to be here for a while...

Greg Moench

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