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April Homework, May Stuff

Kids COURTESY Homework.docx Well, the weather's heating up, and summer is right around the corner!  BOOM! has got some exciting stuff going down over the next little bit, so be sure not to miss out!

Coming up on Saturday, May 11th is Parent's Night Out!  From 6:30 to 11pm at the Bellingham BOOM!  We'll be doing some awesome Jedi Training; Vadering, using the Force, and of course, lightsaber training!  Everybody who attends Parent's Night Out will also be able to construct their own lightsaber!  Don't miss out on this awesome event!  Just $30 for one BOOM! student and a friend (includes food, movie, and all necessary lightsaber components!)

On Friday, May 17th, BOOM! will be in Bellingham's annual Jr Ski 2 Sea parade!  The lineup for the parade starts at 5:00 (although we'll get there earlier, cuz it's fun to stand on the street extra!) on Cornwall Ave, across from Bellingham High School.  The parade starts at 6:00 pm, and lasts about 30 minutes or so, through downtown.  Come join us as we march through the Ham, doing martial arts as we go!  This should be a blast!

Don't forget, BOOM! will be closed for regular classes that day (Friday the 17th) for the parade, as well as Saturday, May 18th (Mr Moench is headed down to Port Orchard!)

Lastly, what you really wanted:  April's COURTESY Homework!!

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