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Advanced Nunchuck Form breakdown

Here it is, in Mr Rice's own words, the Advanced Chuck Form!  Word  

(Intro) Bow 

left foot steps out with left downward punch, right downward punch 

circle arms up and behind body as you prep at thrust 

step feet together facing 1:30 

step left foot towards 10:30 as you set both hands out horizontally 

power wrap.

(Section 1) 

left side stance as you double left overhead strike 

shift into right side stance and double right overhead strike 

prep on right shoulder 

left front stance as you left downward diagonal strike 

reverse figure 8 up, forward figure 8 to a catch 

prep at thrust as to slide feet together 

double x block above head 

step into kick combo position as you set with hands out to the sides (everyone has their own kick combo)

kick combo.

(Section 2) 

Spin out of kick combo into a left side stance as you left overhead strike 

right leg steps into a right front stance 

double right horizontal strike 

backwards spin up, forward to a catch as you bring feet together set arms out as you step with left foot to 10:30 

feet together 


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