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Welcome 2012

Hello, everybody, and welcome to 2012!!  For the new year, we've got some, let's say "exciting announcements"!  First off, for the Kids and Teens class; the Beginning Students (white belt thru purple belt) will be with Mr Rice ALL DAY on A Days, and with Mr Moench ALL DAY on B Days.  Parents, all this really means for you is that the Beginning students will need sparring gear on B Days now.  They don't need any extra gear for the A days this time around.

Intermediate and Advanced Students, it's the other way around.

Advanced Nunchuck Form breakdown

Here it is, in Mr Rice's own words, the Advanced Chuck Form!  Word  

(Intro) Bow 
left foot steps out with left downward punch, right downward punch 
circle arms up and behind body as you prep at thrust 
step feet together facing 1:30 
step left foot towards 10:30 as you set both hands out horizontally 
power wrap.

(Section 1) 
left side stance as you double left overhead strike 
shift into right side stance and double right overhead strike 
prep on right shoulder 

Beginning Nunchuck Form

Hey All

As Belt Testing approaches, thought you might like a little nunchuck study guide.  Broken down step-by-step; here's the beginning nunchuck form:

Attention stance (nunchucks in right hand)


Horse stance, nunchucks to the front

Right shoulder block

Shift to a right front stance (front leg bent; back leg straight, back heel on floor)

Left hand chambers

Forward spin down, off leg, backward spin up to shoulder.  Repeat

Triangle body strikes (strike to left hip, across to right hip, up to right shoulder) Repeat

BOOM Shakka-lakka

Just wanted to give a sincere thanks to everyone who has made BOOM! so successful over the past few months!  It's been amazing to see the progress the students have made!  Jake, Brayden, Carter, Dawson, Ryan; you guys have been ripping it up since the beginning!  (If I didn't drop your name here, I apologize, I'll get to it, though!!).  Cole, Matthew, and all the new Li'l Dragons, you guys have been awe-inspiring!

BOOM! has really started to grow these past few weeks as word has started to leak out (in spite of my best intentions.

Updated October/November

Just wanted to let everybody know that BOOM! is gonna be at the Sudden Valley Halloween Carnival!  Come by and say hi!  Students, you can wear your Halloween costume to class on Monday, October 31st!  (There is no TEEN class on Halloween, but you guys weren't gonna come to class on Halloween, were you?)

Also, we'll be closed for Turkey Day Wednesday, November 23rd through Saturday, November 26th!  Enjoy the weekend, and remember:  don't let your loved ones drive after eating all that turkey!

Update on Schedule Change / Belt Testing

Hey everybody!  School's right around the corner, and yet I'm still waiting for summer to get here.... 

Anyway, the Intent to Test Notices should be going out next week.  

The class schedule is gonna change after Labor Day!  If you were in class on Wednesday August 24th, the schedule you got may be changing again!  We should know by the Friday the 26th for sure.  I apologize for any inconvenience, and I promise we'll get the final schedule up ASAP!  It turns out there's other stuff going on in Sudden Valley besides BOOM!

August stuff

Hey everyone, August is gonna be a blast!  Glad summer is finally here! 

Come down to Bloedel-Donovan Park in Bellingham on Saturday, August 6th from 11-3 for KidsFest!  KidsFest is an annual event put on by Parks 'n' Rec of Bellingham!  It's full of games and activities for kids, food, and a whole bunch of fun!  Stop by and say hi to us at the BOOMBooth!

Freestyle classes this month on Saturdays now!  The 13th and the 27th!  Freestyle classes are 11:30am-12:30pm in the Adult Center!

Camp BOOM! wrap-up; Confidence

Big thanks to everyone who took part in Camp BOOM!  Congratulations to the following BOOMCampers for "surviving" two weeks of Camp BOOM! and passing their belt test!  Stay on that quest, guys!

Brannagh Palmer:  Beginning Orange Belt
Eamonn Palmer:  Beginning Orange Belt
Colum Palmer:  Beginning Orange Belt
Brayden Stang:  Beginning Orange Belt
Zane Thompson:  Yellow Belt
Liam Poulton:  Dragon Yellow Belt

The word of the month for August is CONFIDENCE.  CONFIDENCE is a belief is someone or something.

Buddy Week/Stranger Safety

The week of June 27th (that's the week after Graduation), BOOM! is going to be hosting a special week of classes for everybody!  BOOM! students; bring your friends, these classes are open to everyone in the community! 

That week, we'll be doing a Stranger Safety Week!  With summer upon us, the kids are at home, at mom and dad at work, the kids are going to be out and about with their friends, and less adults around!  Help them learn the skills they need to stay safe this summer!

Camp BOOM!

Hey everybody!  This summer, BOOM! is going to be hosting it's first ever summer camp event!  July 18-29, Camp BOOM! will be achieving liftoff! (sorry, that's a bad pun)  

Oh, the days, they will be packed with awesome!  In the morning, campers will have martial arts lessons-mostly-indoors.  The campers will practice everything form Xtreme Martial Arts, to kenpo, jiujitsu, and kickboxing!  In the afternoon (following lunch!), training will be held outdoors (weather permitting, always) in the sunshine (if it's around.